100-300 Word Paragraph On Aryabhatta In English

In 475 AD, Aryabhatta was born in an unidentified location. However, his book “Aryabhatiya” claims that he actually resided in Kusumpura, the modern-day Patna. He may have continued his education in Kusumpura, according to archaeologists who still hold this view today. The discovery of his substantial astronomical works in Kusumpura is the basis for the beliefs.

It is reasonable to assume that Aryabhatta lived here for the majority of his life. In addition, some historians think he was the president of Kusumpura’s Nalanda University.

The earliest mathematician and astronomer in India was Aryabhatta. He had amassed a sizable body of math knowledge. He also made a number of other discoveries for which Indians are still proud today.

His most well-known discoveries are the place value system, the value of pi, trigonometric functions, and algebraic identities. Several works by Aryabhatta are regarded as the Bible of mathematics. Aryabhatta served as an example for many young people in the field of mathematics. To this day, his social contribution has received high praise.