100-300 Word Paragraph On Alcohol In English

‘Drinking is harmful to your health,’ says the bottle of booze. Despite the fact that the warning is prominently displayed on the bottle of alcohol, individuals continue to purchase and consume alcohol. Alcohol is a drug and those who consume it get hooked on it over time. The habit of drinking alcohol is like a delicious poison that appears to be beneficial at first but becomes harmful in the long run.

The habit of drinking alcohol has become a major issue in society. Alcohol use has now become a social fashion trend. A large number of people die as a result of long-term excessive alcohol intake. There are also other issues that arise as a result of excessive alcohol use by humans.

Alcohol drinking has become a social scourge in society. Because of alcohol addicts, many families are at odds. This is because these people waste money on alcohol rather than using it to meet the requirements of their families.

This substance is getting increasingly popular among society’s youth. People drink for fun and enjoyment, not recognising the long-term repercussions of alcohol.