10 lines on Mobile phone in English for Students and Children

Ten points on Mobile Phone

  1. Mobile phones are also known as cell phones or mobile. 
  2. Mobile phones increase communication networks. 
  3. A mobile phone now performs the function of a computer called a smartphone. 
  4. A smartphone with a camera can be used for video calling, photography, videography. 
  5. One can connect with the world with a mobile phone with an internet connection.
  6. Mobile phone has become your personal computer where one can do all the activities just like a computer. 
  7. You can watch movies on mobile phones, play games etc.
  8. New generation smartphones are better than previous generation supercomputers. 
  9. With fast internet connections, information flow has increased many folds. 
  10. Mobile phones have become the best friends of journalists. They can cover a story and publish it from their mobile phone.

These ten lines give you an idea about Mobile. Students can use the ten points in essays, speeches and paragraph on Mobile.