How to Summarise a Youtube Video: 6 Easy Steps


Watching videos on YouTube is an excellent way to self-educate, entertain, or kill time. However, wrapping up YouTube videos is an entirely different undertaking and purpose. The reasons for summarizing YouTube videos vary. While some may be students assigned to sum up the motion picture, others may need to do that as part of their daily tasks. Nonetheless, it doesn’t deny the question, “How do you encapsulate a YouTube video?” 

Unlike designing a preview picture for a YouTube video, which can handle without your intrusion, summing up a motion picture may require putting in a good deal of effort. Still, it’s doable if you approach it effectively. In this article, we’ll learn more about practical ways to summarize a YouTube video no matter your purpose.

Summarizing a YouTube video manually

Watch the Video at Least Two Times in a Row

Immersing yourself in the video is the most time-consuming step in summarizing, but it’s unavoidable. We’d advise you to watch the video at least three times when working on such a task. Please focus on the video per se when watching it for the first time. Leave any task behind and ensure you understand the motion picture, plot, and specifics, whether it’s a documentary, stand-up, or culinary show. 
Once you do that, try casting your mind back to thinking about the most vivid scenes. Try doing a brief brainstorming session and proceed to watch the video the second time. This time, however, you need to step away from being a passive viewer and get involved in the scene, taking notes of the most crucial points you observe in the video. 

Develop the Notes So That They Look Like Separate Blocks

Upon watching the video again and taking notes, your task is to work on these notes and elaborate on theses you jotted down during the session. It would be best to create separate blocks describing different scenes. This way, you will manage to return to them and include more information if something additional comes to your mind.

Start Gluing Parts Together

After you work on every block, it’s time to stick them together so that they create a bigger picture of the whole video. Start reading every block and use transition words to secure coherence and high readability. Also, keep in mind the requirements of the summary if it is your home assignment. Pay close attention to the instructions providing information on the task’s format. While some teachers can greenlight the writer and let them break down a summary into various paragraphs, others explicitly require writing a one-paragraph summary. And finally, make sure you don’t exceed the required word count. Otherwise, you will lose a considerable number of points, no matter your text’s quality.

Don’t Go Overboard With the Information

Whether a college task, remember that it’s just a summary, so only vital things need to be there. The summary’s primary point is to provide a general account of the motion picture, letting the reader know what it’s about. Avoid including spoilers at all costs.

Re-watch the Video and See Whether Anything Slipped Your Mind

When you have a draft written down, don’t rush to deem the task completed. It would be best to re-watch the video, simultaneously analyzing whether you might have missed something. Don’t hesitate to repeat previous steps, i.e., noting things you haven’t included in the summary but which should be there (remember, no spoilers). 

How About Doing a Small Project in NLP?

The summarization process may be different and sometimes easier if you have some knowledge of coding. Python will allow you to skip steps that require watching and re-watching YouTube videos, thus saving you some time. However, it doesn’t mean it will simplify the process so that you will have nothing to do but make a few clicks. There is still hard work, including downloading the subtitles, performing the text preprocessing, tokenizing, executing various summarization algorithms, and many other steps. Plus, programming will be of no use if the video doesn’t have subtitles, so the chances are there might be the only manual way possible to summarize the video at the end of the day.

Ready to kick-start the summarizing process?

With that said, what can you do with the summarized version of a YouTube video? Despite various available options, you can create your own video summarizing lengthy motion pictures. The video and film reviewing industry is booming these days, attracting numerous people, and for a good reason. 

Many people value their time and don’t want to waste two hours watching a movie that has invested plenty of resources in marketing but is low quality. So they prefer to watch a snippet about a film to realize whether it’s worth watching, even if they have to pay for it. Try using both methods for the best effect when summarizing a video. It will help you design a top-notch summary and get multiple views if you plan to center your professional career around it.