Mobile Phone Essay in English – Advantages and Disadvantages

21st Century Revolution

The 21st century has been revolutionized by our dependence on technology and gadgets. From waking up to going to bed in the bight, we are constantly in use of one or the other appliances. The most important and crucial part of such a range of technological machines is our cell phone.

It can be said it is the latest addition for the human race with the potency increasing every day. The multifarious uses of cell phones and ever-advancing utilities that it provides are changing our interaction with machines. 

Our Part & Parcel

Cell phones are not just used for communication but have other equally important purposes which make them a fabric of our very existence. Today, social media has completely changed how people interact with each other and here, cell phones have also proved invaluable.

From photography to videography, there are several applications that provide seamless and high-quality content creation and integration with all the available social platforms.

Moreover, a modern-day cell phone (smartphone) is intelligently designed to cater to every user’s specific needs. It helps us stay in touch with all our contacts irrespective of geography or time zones. Apart from this movement is also aided by accessible information regarding weather, traffic and availability of vehicles.

Cell phones have also made it easier to showcase our work and talents on a global scale and consequently, opportunities for work have increased manifold. Similarly, there is a constant stream of education, information, news and entertainment available in the palm of our hands.

Rise of Internet

With the rise of faster internet, connectivity has opened many options as far as multimedia including movies, games etc are concerned. In addition cell phones also provide a handheld ledger of all our important accounts from banking to insurance etc.

With the influx of digital economy and digital wallets, our dependence on the paper currency has also been greatly reduced. For all the above purposes, cell phones have also provided multitasking on the move so there is a considerable reduction of time and energy in ticking off all our daily commitments.

Downsides of Mobile Phones

However, all is not perfect when it comes to profuse use of cell phones. In fact, it can be a great source of distraction when it comes to everyday life. Constant use of cell phones can cause depression and adverse psychological effects, especially on young people.

It can also limit real social interaction and devalue an organic way of living. Use of cell phones while driving or walking has led to many accidents and mishaps.

Apart from being a distraction, cell phones are also dangerous in term of the radiations they emit and use. They can have long term negative impact like increased incidence f cancer like glioma, sleep disorder etc.

Mobile Radiations

In addition, one of the biggest negative when it comes to mobile technology is its overall impact on the environment with ever-increasing irradiation of natural ecology, plants and non-human animals. Overall, cell phones are of great value to present-day human civilization and an essential part of everyday life.

However, the addiction and overuse of cell phones need to be curtailed and the technological research needs to be focused on developing more environmentally sustainable forms of cell phones and mobile telephony.