Artificial Intelligence Essay

When the world witnessed the invention of computers and programming we saw a transformation in terms of information processing, automation of industries, massive mathematical computations etc.

The inception of modern technology seems to bring in novel improvements in our abilities to create and innovate. In the same line of technological advancement comes the next best thing called artificial intelligence. 

It refers to the ability of a computer or machine to exhibit intelligence like human beings. It enables the computer to think naturally and organically like a human being and take decisions using cognitive abilities.

Some of the recent applications of such technology are speech recognition, weather forecast and predictive modelling, positional self-awareness, self-driving automobiles, recognition of emotional responses etc. These advancements have huge benefits and possibilities in the fields of mathematics, climatology, space science, aviation, resource monitoring etc.

There are different forms of artificial intelligence: software or hardware, weak or strong, task-specific or multi-tasking, natural language processing and machine language etc.

However, use and permeation of AI have also thrown open a few ethical problems. AI systems, even though intelligent, are dependent on the availability of data and the design it is based on.

The reliance on a machine in several life-threatening scenarios like medical procedures and self-driving cars etc leaves a lot of people sceptical about heavy dependence on such machines.

Another big concern is the security of such systems as they are vulnerable to hacking and cyber-attacks as they control various sensitive information, data and systems etc. Unauthorized entry into such machines can expose a lot of critical informational and infrastructural institutions. 

Various technologist and thinkers have suggested a more appropriate nomenclature like augmented or virtual intelligence in place of artificial or machine intelligence. They believe that it will reduce the fears of a terminator-like overhaul by machines that often cloud a lot of people’s judgment.