10 lines on Bird in English for Students and Children

Ten important points on Bird

  1. Birds have feathers, wings, a beak, and they can fly in the sky.
  2. They have colourful feathers like peacock, parrots, flamingo etc.
  3. They build nests and lay eggs. 
  4. Some birds can swim like duck, geese, swans, penguins etc. 
  5. Birds are herbivores, carnivorous and omnivorous.
  6. Ostrich is the large flightless bird and Hummingbird is the smallest bird. 
  7. Birds have lightweight skeletons which help them to fly.
  8. Birds are helpers of Famer they help in pollinations.
  9. Many birds fly long distances to save themself from extreme climate like Siberian Cranes, Amur Falcon, migratory birds.
  10. Due to Human activities, many species of the birds are in danger, we need to protect these birds.

These ten lines give you an idea about Birds. Students can use the ten points in essays, speeches and paragraph on Birds.