10 Lines Essay on Mohiniyattam in English for Students

  1. Mohiniyattam dance is also known as the Mohiniyattam dance.
  2. It is a classical dance which is very popular in the state of Kerala, India.
  3. The meaning of Mohiniyattam is the dance of the enchantress.
  4. The core projection of this dance is the essence of femininity.
  5. This dance is very popular and significant especially to the hindus as the women dance in honour of their god, Vishnu.
  6. This dance is gentle and graceful and is a dance admired by many.
  7. It is a very ancient dance and this dance has been traced back to the 9 to 12 CE
  8. It has elements of the sky or ether.
  9. As calm as it is , it also requires fast pace and this can be very challenging for one to learn.
  10. Hand gestures are an important aspect of this dance.