10 Lines Essay on Langdi in English for Students

  1. Langdi is an ancient game of India played in India.
  2. It is played during Pandyan Dynasty called “Nondiyaattam”. 
  3. It is described by Marathis as a sport with a Marathi ethos. 
  4. It is played literally in every part of India on school level.
  5. It has many names in different regions.
  6. This is the first game which a child plays when he starts playing in school. 
  7. There are some rules for playing langdi like any other game.
  8. In the first chasing turn, their chasers must hop on their right foot.
  9. In their next chasing turn they must all hop on their left foot. 
  10. The team that tags the most defenders is declared the winner.