10 Lines Essay on Hut in English for Students

  1. A small single-story house is called a hut. 
  2. Huts are usually seen in rural areas.
  3.  They are constructed with local materials such as leaves, branches, hides, fabric, or mud.
  4.  The hut is built by using techniques passed down through the generations.
  5.  A great deal of technique is needed for the process of building a strong base hut.
  6. With modern design and tech taking over the world today, huts are very rare.
  7.  One can only see a hut in village areas and rural areas.
  8.   It is very important for kids of today to have knowledge of this. 
  9. In India, huts are called Kutcha houses. 
  10. The structure of a hut is a conical foundation and peaked thatched roof