1 Minute Speech On Esports In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I’ll be giving a small speech on the topic ‘Esports’.

What exactly is Esports? Google defines it to be “a multiplayer video game played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers.” Simply put, Esports involves turning a game that is played on an online medium into what is referred to as a “spectator sport”.

Esports have proved themselves to be beneficial to a lot of people, especially aspiring gamers. Very similar to real sports, it opens new avenues for both the audience and the players alike. Gamers can learn various skills such as coordination, team spirit, and interpersonal skills. In addition, they also get a lot of exposure via communicating with like-minded people from various places. 

Famous esports include League of Legends, Dota 2, Street Fighter, and PUBG. PUBG, however, is now banned by the Indian government as it involves ‘national security concerns’.

Thank you.