Write An Application To The Warden For Leave In English

The Warden,
St Joseph’s Hostel Block B,
St Joseph’s University,

Subject: Application to warden for leave

Good morning sir,
I, Kumari Sneha, the mother of Alia Kumar, who resides in Hostel Block B, humbly ask that you kindly permit her to visit her sister’s home in Bangalore for three days, from February 15 to February 17. She hasn’t been feeling well lately, so I want her to take a few days off. She has been told to remain in bed rest by our family doctor.

I would be quite grateful if you could grant her leave for the aforementioned dates in response to my request. I’ve included a letter of authorization from her teacher with my application. For any clarification, please contact me at any time at the numbers shown below.

Yours sincerely,
Kumari Sneha