Write An Application To The Warden For Hostel Allotment In English

The Warden,
St Joseph’s Hostel Block B,
St Joseph’s University,

Subject: Application to warden for hostel allotment

Good morning sir,
I, Vamsi Krishna, am writing to let you know that I have been accepted to Christ University to pursue an MA in Journalism. On March 1st, when my application procedure would be over, I would need a place to stay. I’m writing to ask about the same thing.

As it would be safer for her to live at the university residence hall, I kindly ask that you let me know whether there are any rooms available and what amenities are offered, such as food services, room rates for single and double occupancy, curfews, etc. I could take the necessary action as soon as possible to create a cosy and secure environment for myself. I will be grateful beyond words for the same.

Yours sincerely,
Vamsi Krishna