Write An Application To The Principal Requesting For Half Day Leave For Sister Marriage In English

The Principal,
Kendriya Vidyalaya,
Magadi Road,
Bengaluru- 560087

Subject: Half day leave for sister marriage

Respected sir,

I am writing this leave application to inform you and seek permission to attend my sister’s marriage, which is today. I have attended the first part of my session for today. I am requesting you to permit me to receive a half day’s leave to celebrate my sister’s marriage. It is important for me since it is my own sibling and my entire family would be present to see the marriage. I have never missed a class, this is the first time I am submitting a leave application. Please understand the importance of the event and my attendance record and grant me the leave I am seeking for. I will be thankful for your decision and consideration of my request.

Yours truly,
H Singh  Y.