Write An Application To The Principal For Games In English

The Principal
St. Xaviers Public School

Subject:- An Application for games

Respected Sir,

  I am writing this letter to humbly request you to arrange some games and sports activities on our school campus. Games and sports activities are very important for the overall growth and development of the students. It is a known fact that playing games and sports helps to build a healthy body and mind. It also instills discipline and team spirit in children. It is also a great way to develop coordination and concentration skills.

In our school, the students are deprived of these important activities. The students are mostly studying hard, but they don’t get the opportunity to play and enjoy. This causes physical and mental stress, which is not good for the students. Therefore, I would like to request you to arrange some games and sports activities for the students in our school. I am sure that this will be beneficial for the students and will help them to grow and develop in a healthy manner.

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully
Harpreet Singh