Write An Application To The Principal For Fan Installation In The Classroom In English

The Principal
St. Xaviers Public School

Subject:- Application for fan installation in the classroom.

Respected Sir,

  I, Hardeep Singh, a student of Class 10th in your school, am writing this letter to request for a fan in our classroom. As you know, the temperature is rising with each passing day and the classrooms are getting unbearably hot. The students are finding it difficult to concentrate on their studies in such a hot atmosphere.

Having a fan in the classroom will provide us with some respite and make it easier for us to study without feeling too hot. I am confident that this will improve our learning and help us in the long run. I, therefore, humbly request you to kindly consider my request and arrange for a fan in our classroom at the earliest. I am sure that it will be highly appreciated by all of us.

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully
Hardeep Singh