2 Minute Speech On Good Manners In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on good manners. Parents teach good manners to their children so that they might begin to pick them up at an early age. They instruct kids on how to act around their neighbors, family, friends, and other nearby individuals. A person with good manners must possess a number of qualities, including modesty, humility, and kindness. One of the fundamental etiquettes that everyone learns from an early age is to shake hands with a smile and say “Namaste” to people.

One kind act is to respond to someone by saying “thank you.” We frequently use the words “sorry” and “pardon me” in daily life. In addition to all of this, proper manners include treating juniors and elders with love and respect. The traits of a well-mannered person also include asking permission before using anybody else’s property, giving older passengers a seat on public transportation, being modest and polite, and refraining from using vulgar or harsh language.

Good manners are always the key to making new contacts in life. Additionally, it makes life easier for us. A new conversation with others is made possible, and this is crucial for success in life. Good manners enable successful communication and fruitful debate. Positive attitudes improve the surroundings. It is essential for both the individual and society. However, it appears that the younger generation is losing sight of the value of manners on a daily basis. Thank you.