Good Manners Essay

Manners make a man. Man is nothing without good manners. The make a man gentleman. Gentleness and good manners go together. The made man polite, civilized and well behaved.

Without good manners, much of the charm of life be lost. They generate a healthy and livable society. If you are polite and gentle, others are also polite and gentle. Courtesy begets courtesy. And bad manners creates ill-will and bad relations.

Good manners also reflect good conduct and character. They represent the social and cultural progress of society. It is because of them that life is smooth, enjoyable and meaningful. Good manners are the other side of culture and good education.

A cultured and educated person is always well mannered. His behaviour with others in home and Society is always pleasant. He is welcomed everywhere. People like the company of such a person. That is why there is so much emphasis on learning good manners.

In all good educational institutions, first of all, good manners are taught to the students. People judge a person by his behavior as the judge a tree by its leaves and fruit. A person of polished behavior has better chances of success in life. A polished person finds all the doors open to him.

You can easily approach any person and get favors. They also reflect the family and its standard. A man belonging to a good and cultural family can never be rude, Harsh or ill-mannered. Manners are inherited. But they can also be learned and cultivated.

It is good to learn good manners at a very young age. But it is never late to learn good manners. Childhood is the best age to learn good manners. Then a child is like a clean slate.

He can very easily and quickly learn things and adapt himself accordingly. In the old days, princes and princesses were sent to special teachers to learn good manners.

We can imitate the behaviour, conduct, and manners of respected, polite and polished person. It cost nothing to be good in our manners. And the rewards are many. It required a strong will, discipline, self-control and deep desire to learn good manners.

Much can be forgiven in a courteous person. Suppose you have done something wrong but realize it and say “sorry”. Then it will change the situation in your favour.

The man hurt or offended by you will be then much less hurt. It is your duty to say “thank you” when you have received some favour or help from others. Ungratefulness is a great sin. We should always guard against bad manners and practice good manners.

We should use such word as “thank you”, “excuse me”, “please”, etc ats frequently as possible. But they should come from your heart. They should not be used mechanically.

We should respect the feelings and sentiments of others. It is part of good manners that we respect elders, parents, and teachers.

We should have respect for our fellow men. We should not be unkind even to animals. We should act, behave and react in such a way that others are not hurt. A true gentleman never hurts others.

We should cover our mouth and face while yawning or sneezing. We should offer seats while travelling with women, children or old man. We should allow women to enter first.

We should properly appreciate the works and achievements of others. It never means flattery. Right appreciation and admiration inspire and encourage people. In return, we can expect the same.

We should use good manners everywhere. They are needed in every walk of life, whether you are in college, Hotel, train, playground, office or at home or at the dining table, you are required to behave properly and show good manners.

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