Write An Application To The Principal For Arrangement Of Morning School English

The Principal
Delhi Public School
Andheri East

Subject:– An application for arrangement of morning school.

Respected Sir,
Most humbly and respectfully I am writing this application to request your kind consideration for starting the morning school. I believe that the morning school will provide an extra opportunity to the students like me who wish to study more and avail the benefits of extra classes. As we all know that the competition is increasing day by day and it is important for us to stay ahead of others in the race. Moreover, considering the current situation, the morning school will be beneficial for those students who have to travel from far-off places to attend their regular classes. Additionally, it will also help us to have more time to do other activities such as sports, music and other recreational activities. I hope that you will consider my request and give your approval for starting the morning school.

Thanking You
Yours Faithfully
Deepika Mittal
Class 12th