Write An Application To The Principal For More Books In Library English

The Principal
Delhi Public School
Andheri East

Subject:- An application for more books in library.

Respected Sir,
I am writing this application to request you to provide more books in our school library. Our school library is in dire need of more books. Currently, the library has only a limited number of books and most of them are outdated. The students are not able to find books on the latest topics. Not only the students but also the teachers are facing difficulty in finding books.

We need more books on various topics like science, mathematics, computer science, history, economics, etc. This will help students gain more knowledge about a variety of topics. I would be thankful if you could provide more books to our library. This will help the students to gain more knowledge and fulfill their academic needs.

Thanking You
Yours Faithfully
Deepika Mittal
Class 12th