Write An Application To The Principal For Absent In School Due To Traveling With Family In English

DeMellow Convent School

Subject:- Application for absent in school due to traveling with family.

Respected Sir, 

  Most humbly and respectfully, I am writing this application to inform you of a museum trip that my family has planned tomorrow on 23th of October, 2022. My father is an archaeologist and has a keen interest in primitive things. He is very obsessed with  the Indian Museum of art and culture. He has been planning this visit for the past one year and has now allotted time out of his busy schedule to take all of my siblings and mother to a museum trip. It would be an interesting event to hear my father talking about his passion. Moreover, it is not only a trip for me, but an opportunity to find my passion in life. Please allow me to take a day off from school and visit this museum with my father. I would be highly obliged. I shall join the school on 24th of this month.

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully
Ritu Mehra
Class 8th