Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Zoo You Have Recently Seen In English

Flat no 23A, fourth floor
Sreekrishna Apartments
Sharma Nagar

Dear Ishani, 

How are you? We are fine here. I recently visited the zoo in our city. There was news that the zoo had some new entries recently. The new entrants included a white peacock, two leopards, and some birds. When I arrived at the zoo, many people had gathered to get tickets. After a 15-minute wait, my friend and I were able to obtain the ticket. Inside the zoo, we first saw monkeys, deer, elephants, giraffes, tigers, etc. People were very much in a hurry to watch the white peacock. The peacock is kept in a separate cage to adapt to its new surroundings. It looks so pretty. As we reached the cage, what we saw was a beautiful scene. The peacock was spreading its white feathers. It was giving a “show” to the audience assembled there. Next, we saw the new leopards. They seemed calm and silent. Please try to visit the zoo to see the peacock and leopards.


Your friend
Lekshmi F