Write An Application To The Manager Requesting One Day Leave For Head Pain In English

The Manager
Flipkart Inc,
New Delhi,

Subject:- One day leave for head pain.

Respected Sir,

  Most humbly and respectfully, I am writing this application to inform you that from the past 02 days, I have been experiencing severe headaches. These headaches have a pulsating pain from my frontal lobe to sideways of my head. I have not yet consulted the doctor but after researching on the internet, I have found that these kind of headaches are a symptom of cluster headache which is a very serious condition. Please grant a leave of 03 days in my favour so that I can consult the best doctor in town and get my self treated. I shall be highly grateful for this act of kindness. I shall join back the company after recovery

Yours Faithfully
Deepak Khajuria
Accounts Assistant