Write An Application To The Manager Requesting Leave For Condolence In English

The Manager,

Subject: Leave Application for Condolence 

Respected Sir,

With deep remorse, this is to bring to your notice that my uncle passed away on 8th December, 2022 due to heart attack. He was very close to me and my family. I had stayed with him during my school life. I used to share everything with him and he was my problem solver. Thus, I have decided to go to his place in Meerut to express my condolences and pay my tributes to what a great man he has been all his life. I want to be there for his family in these distressing times.

Thus, I, Anil Shah, Sales Head, hereby request you to grant me a leave on 9th December, 2022 as I have to visit my uncle’s family. I will complete the pending work once I come back to the office. I assure you that I shall be present on 10th December, 2022.

I will be grateful to you for accepting my leave application.

Thanking you 

Your truthfully
Anil Shah E