Write An Application To The Boss Requesting Leave For My Illness In English

The Boss,
Mapel Musing
Tupac Lane, Karnataka

Subject – Application for leave for my illness.


With all due respect and honour, I would like to state that I am suffering from an illness called Arthritis. Arthritis is the swelling of one or more joints. I scheduled an appointment with the doctor at Heal and Health Hospital, New Delhi. I was told that the case is quite serious and it needs to be taken care of at the earliest because if not, it may cause other health complications.

I would like to request leave for a week i.e. 6th of April 2022 till the 13th of April 2022 to take this time to take care of myself and go for a check-up. My parents are living out of state and will be returning home only after a week due to delayed flights, to take care of me since I am requested not to do any heavy work.

I will be back to resume my work on the 14th of November 2022. I will put forth as much effort as I have lost during my leave and make up for the lost time. I have requested Sir Hans to be my replacement for the time of my absence and he gladly accepted to do so.

I, therefore, kindly request you to grant me my leave for which I shall remain ever grateful.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,
Benson A
Personal Assistant
Mapel Musing
Tupac Lane, Karnataka