Write An Application To The Bank Manager For Fund Transfer In English

Bank Manager,
SBI Bank, Magadi Road Branch
Near Magadi Road metro station,
Bengaluru- 454332

Subject: Application to bank manager for fund transfer

Good morning sir,
I respectfully inform you that my name is Kumar Shri Rangam and that I have a savings account with branch number XXX of your esteemed bank.

I’m writing this letter application to request the bank to transfer 10,000 rupees from my saving’s account number XXXX to an account in Pavan Shri Rangam’s name with account number XXXX.
For the expedient processing of my application, I have already attached the money transfer form, check, and transfer receipt with this letter as per the requirements. I also request you to inform me if you need any more documents to process my request. Please take care of the situation, and I will be forever grateful.

Yours faithfully,
Kumar Shri Rangam