Write A Letter To Your Friend About My Hobby In English

House No 24/5
Keston Road

Dear Vishak,
I hope you and your family are in good health and are happy. How far do the Christmas preparations reach? I am writing this letter to tell you about my hobby. My hobby is drawing and painting. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was six years old. I am more interested in pencil drawing.

I like to sketch things from my surroundings. Earlier, I tried to copy and draw cartoons from magazines, but at present, I am trying to create my own caricatures. I also like to keep a collection of all types of drawing pencils. When it comes to painting, though I like the art of painting, I don’t paint that well.

Maybe I can improve my painting skills by practising more. I have a book that contains all of my pencil drawings. Aside from that, I always carry a book with me wherever I go so that I can scribble down the drawings I see in real life at the moment itself. I would like to know about your hobbies.

Bye and take care
Your friend
Meena F