Write A Letter To Your Friend About My Aim In Life In English

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Dear Tessa,
How are you? I am doing well here. I am writing this letter to tell you about my aim in life because I feel like sharing it with you. You and many others who know me well know that I dance, mainly classical dance. I also choreograph for our school programs. But many think that dance is just my hobby. But it’s not. It is my passion. I am a classical dance student, and my aim is to be a successful trained classical dancer.

I know it requires a lot of practise and hard work. But I don’t think I would get my family’s support to achieve my aim. They probably want me to pursue a science degree. But my aim is to be a dancer, to be trained under the guidance of some of the best-known classical dancers in our country, to perform on many stages, and also to teach students who love dance.

Bye and take care
Your friend
Jaseela F