Write A Letter To Your Friend About Junk Food In English

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Dear Tushar,

I hope you and your family are in good health and are happy. I am writing this letter to talk about junk food. We all know that junk foods are unhealthy. But still, we have them. Having them every once in a while, is not a threat to our health, but by often consuming junk food, we are putting our health at high risk for serious illness.

Junk foods contain a high amount of fat that can lead a person to obesity. They also contain a high amount of sugar. Moreover, they can also contain artificial flavouring agents and food colours that contain chemicals, which are not at all good for our body. A person who eats junk food more often will have a low immune system and be vulnerable to acute and lifestyle diseases.

Also, his or her energy level will be very low, and they will be inactive and less productive. We must exercise caution and limit our consumption of junk foods. 

Bye and take care
Your friend
Farah F