Write A Letter To Your Friend About Journey By Boat In English

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Dear Danny,

How are you? Last week, my family and I travelled to Alappuzha to attend a relative’s wedding. We went to Alappuzha by train from Kochi. From the Alappuzha railway station, we travelled to the wedding house by bus and then by train. Alappuzha did not have bus services on all its routes, and the majority of the areas here are backwaters and beaches. I am travelling by boat for the first time.

We must, like the bus, purchase a ticket to travel by boat. The boat we travelled in was a motor boat and was closed, so we couldn’t have a glance at the backwaters. But on the way back, we travelled in a traditional open rowboat. The boat was assisted by a boatman with a long oar. On this journey, I got to see the beautiful backwaters and the fishes in it. I took a photo of them. This journey was a fresh experience for all of us.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Arsha F