Write A Letter To Your Friend About How You Celebrated Your Birthday In English

House No 12/5
Kanak Nagar


Dear Mrinalini,
I hope you and your family are doing well and having fun. I received your birthday gift the previous day, and I thank you very much for the wonderful gift. You know what type of gift to give a person. I missed you very badly at my birthday party. The day started normally for me. My parents wished me well in the morning and gifted me a pair of shoes.

Some of my classmates called me over the phone and conveyed their birthday wishes. In the evening, the invited guests came to attend the birthday party at my home. I only invited our gang and some other close friends from my school. The birthday cake was baked by my neighbor, who runs a bakery. It was a red velvet cake.

I wore the birthday cap and cut the cake while everyone else sang “Happy Birthday to You.” After that, we all had dinner and played some card games, and everybody left. It was a fun night.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Neil F