Write A Letter To Your Friend About How You Have Been Spending Your Lockdown In English

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Dear Abhay,

How are you? We are doing well here, though we are worried about the pandemic. The lockdown has hit my family badly. We are facing financial issues because only a limited number of people have been coming to the grocery store owned and operated by my parents. We are looking for ways to enhance our business.

As a result, we will be starting home delivery for people who are hesitating to step out due to the pandemic. I am in charge of delivering things to people’s homes. Thus, this lockdown has kept me busy. I will be delivering goods before and after our online classes. I am happy that I could help my parents during these tough times.

At the same time, we also have to protect ourselves from the virus. We hope to make a good profit with the home delivery. I have also stepped into small-scale farming activities at my home. How are you spending this lockdown?

Bye and take care

Your friend

Nila F