Write A Letter To Your Friend About How To Keep Your Body Fit In English

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Vivek Nagar


Dear Nima,

I hope you and your family are doing well and are happy. What else is happening at your school? I joined the nearby gym. The gym trainer talked to me about keeping our body fit. The first thing to do is to keep an eye on our body weight and height. When calculated, our body mass index should range between eighteen and twenty-four.

We ignore our weight and are unaware of it in our daily lives. We also consume more junk foods in the long run. This leads to weight gain. Therefore, try to exercise regularly. It helps to maintain our body weight. To stay fit, avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast. We should eat a rich, balanced breakfast.

We should also eat more fruits and vegetables and limit our intake of high-fat foods. For the best result, avoid eating junk food. Drink plenty of water and avoid carbonated soft drinks. Finally, get enough sleep.

 I hope to meet you soon.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Maneesh F