Write A Letter To Your Friend About How To Improve Reading Skills In English

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Vivek Nagar


Dear Sanika,

How are you? We are doing fine here. I recently attended a workshop at my school to improve my reading skills. I would like to share some points with you that I got from the workshop. To improve our reading skills, the first thing we have to do is read every day. Spare fifteen minutes every day to read. We can read newspapers, magazines, or fiction.

A person with good reading skills can understand the text as he or she reads. Therefore, while reading, don’t just read to the end but try to understand the text as well. Try to understand the theme, subject, meaning, and purpose of the text as we read. This helps us develop excellent in-depth reading skills.

After reading, the next thing we have to do is summarise the text we read. We can also take notes. Summarizing the text helps us to review the text from our own perspective. I hope this will benefit you.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Thomas F