Write A Letter To Your Friend About His Father Death In English

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Kanak Nagar


Dear Yadhu,

I know this is a bad time for you. First of all, my deepest condolences to your father. I know about the strong relationship you had with your father. He is and always will be your greatest source of strength and support. Though everybody knew that he did not have much time after being diagnosed with his illness, his loss will deeply affect the people who have felt the warmth of his love and care.

You must be proud of yourself for making his last time more peaceful and happy. In our lives, we deal with many unexpected things and surprises. We have to overcome the difficulties, grief, and struggles that life throws at us. Your father won’t want to see you in grief. Your father wants to see you achieve success in your life.

Now, it’s only you and your mother. Your mother is a strong lady. You both have to support each other in your lives ahead. I hope you will soon get back to your normal life, though it might be difficult for you.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Devika F