Write A Letter To Your Friend About His Health In English

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Dear Bivin,

I hope you are recovering from your leg fracture. Yesterday, I was all set to come to your house but couldn’t as some unexpected work came up. I will come to see you this Sunday. Did you go for the checkup? What did the doctor say? As your leg is plastered, you will have difficulty moving. Don’t worry.

The plaster will be removed soon. The doctor said that the plaster should be kept for around a month for a better result; otherwise, there will be some problems in the future. Are you taking your medicines properly? I know since you are very strong, you have the willpower to overcome the illness as soon as possible.

Medicines just will not work. The patient should have a strong and bold mind as well. Please try to eat healthy and get enough rest, as it will help to overcome the fracture-induced weakness. I wish you a fast recovery and hope to meet you soon this Sunday.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Sheetal F