Write A Letter To Your Friend About Hasan Raja In English

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Dear Pranav,

I hope you and your family are in good health and are doing well. I came to know about an old poet named Hasan Raja from my Hindi textbook. I thought of sharing it with you. Hasan Raja’s full name is Dewan Hasan Raja Chowdhury. On December 21, 1854, he was born. He was a Bengali poet and songwriter from Sylhet, Bengal Presidency, in present-day Bangladesh.

He was one of the prominent figures in Bengali folk culture. His unique style of music made him popular. More than that, Hasan Raja was widely engaged in charities. He donated a vast amount of land for the well-being of other people.

On December 6, 1922, he died at the age of 67. A film titled “Hason Raja” was released in 2002 in Bengali and was based on his life. A book titled “Hasan Raja Samagra,” which contains 500 songs and poems written by Hasan Raja, was published.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Nila F