Write A Letter To Your Friend About Games And Sports In English

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Dear Philip,

How are you doing? We are fine here. I’m writing to inform you that I was chosen for my school’s kho-kho team. The interschool sports meet will take place next month. This time, authorities have added kho-kho along with other group games for the meet. It is good that the authorities are adding more games to sports events. Only at the Olympics or Commonwealth Games will there be more games and sports events.

Every sport needs recognition, as each one has its own value. According to reports, the Olympic Association plans to include tug of war in future competitions. Games and sports have huge importance. They help keep a person physically fit. They must be part of the co-curricular activities in schools and colleges. Indoor games help us have some fun with our friends and family. No sport is a waste of time. In one way or another, they benefit a person.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Jaya F