Write A Letter To Your Friend About Educational Tour To Darjeeling In English

House No 19/5
Thusaar Nagar


Dear Hiran,

How are you feeling now? Yesterday, many at school asked me why you were absent. I told them about my mild fever condition. We had classes for almost every subject yesterday. The other important thing was that our educational tour for this academic year was declared. This time, the school management has opted for Darjeeling as our tour spot. They are planning to arrange this trip next month. It will be a five-day trip, and we will be travelling from Delhi via flight. Have you been to Darjeeling before? I haven’t, and none of the other students in our class have. Everyone is very excited after hearing about the Darjeeling educational tour. The highlight of this tour will be the sunrise on Kanchanjunga. I hope it will be a wonderful and beautiful experience. There are also plans to visit some zoological parks and a refugee help centre as well. The weather in Darjeeling will be very cold. Are you excited?

Bye and take care

Your friend

Giri F