Write A Letter To Friend About Eid Milan Party At School In English

House no 12/9
Vivek Nagar


Dear Komal,

I hope you and your family are happy and in good health. What else is happening at school? Two days ago, my school had its Eid Milan party. It was a joyful event. We were allowed to wear dresses of our choice to the party instead of the school uniform. In our class, the colour theme was yellow. Everybody wears dresses in yellow shades. We decorated our class with colourful balloons and other decorative items. The main attraction of the party was the food. The food was not that grand considering our budget. Even then, our school was successful in arranging a very good and delicious lunch for all of us. Our class teacher, Mr. Rohan, brought us cookies that he made himself. It was so tasty. In the afternoon section, there were stage programmes like dances, songs, etc. To add colour to the event, there was a magic show by popular magician Ram. The day ended well.

Bye and take care

Your friend

Nimi F