Write A Letter To Your Friend About Easter Holiday In English

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Dear Asif, 

I hope you and your loved ones are happy and doing well. How did your Easter holidays go? We couldn’t make any big plans for these Easter holidays. But this Easter, my neighbor invited me and my family to have Easter lunch with them. So we all went to his house. They served us amazing food. There were many varieties of food. My mouth still waters when I think of that Easter lunch. The house was decorated with colorful Easter eggs and bunnies. There was also a fun Easter egg hunt. We also gave our neighbour a plum cake as a gift. We say our goodbyes after spending some quality time together. We conveyed our Easter wishes to them. In the evening, we all went out to watch a movie. It was an average experience. I didn’t like the movie very much. Except for that, this was a memorable Easter holiday.

Bye and take care

Your friend 

Farah F