Write A Letter To Your Friend About Dashain Vacation In English

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Dear Urmila,

I hope you and your family are fine and doing well. I also hope that you had amazing Dasara celebrations this year. Due to the death of a relative in September, there was no Dasara celebration in my family this time. So, during this vacation, my mom’s friend Ms. Ishani and her family invited my family to their home in Nepal to celebrate Dashain, the Indian form of Dasara. We went there during their brief vacation. Dashain vacation lasts about 20 days. Since it was vacation, everybody was at home. Ms. Ishani has two children, Arun and Navya. Me and my brother became friends with them, and we would play all the time. They took us to some of the tourist attractions in Nepal. I liked all the places. I taught Arun and Navya to make and fly kites. We made some kites and played with them. We also get to know more about the Dashain festival. We departed from there when the celebration was over.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Neena F