Write A Letter To Your Friend About Arranging A Get Together Next Sunday In English

House No 12/23 Pandit’s Colony


Dear Yamini,

I hope you and your loved ones are happy and doing well. Please convey my birthday wishes to your brother.  Are you free next Sunday? I am planning to arrange a small get-together for us. Faizal will be going to London for his higher studies by the end of this month. Before he leaves, let us all gather and spend some time together and also give him a farewell. Yesterday, I met Hari and Sneha at the park and discussed the same with them. They are ready for this. There are only you, Savanth, and Faizal left to talk to. I believe we can meet at the Garden premises in the city and talk there for a while. After that, we can go to the Taj Hotel for our lunch. We should also buy a gift for Faizal that will be useful for him in London. What’s your opinion? Please let me know.


Your friend
Hansika F