Write A Letter To Your Friend About Aim In Life In English

Veekshana Nagar
Metro Street


Dear Harish,

I hope you and your family are in good health. How is the celebration for Pongal going on? Happy Pongal in advance to you and your family. Yesterday, at school, our life science teacher asked us to write an essay about our aim in life. It was when I thought about my aim in life. I couldn’t write anything on the paper I took to write the essay. I returned home, sat down, and had the same thought. I couldn’t come to a final answer. But I understand how important it is. Only when we have a goal in mind, we can plan our lives to achieve it. Planning is very important as it forms the foundation. I get a half answer to what my aim is in life. I want to pursue the career I wish for. I want to have the job that my heart yearns for and not on others’ wishes. What is your aim in life Harish?


Your friend
Sruthi F