Write A Letter To Your Friend About Afforestation In English

‘Bhavans’ Pandits Colony
Opposite Lulu Mall


Dear Toby,

I hope you and your family are in good health. The cultural club in our school is up for an afforestation campaign. Since you didn’t come to class yesterday, this is to let you know about it. Afforestation can be considered similar to reforestation. It is the process of introducing trees to an area that has previously not been forested. In reforestation, we plant trees in an area that has been deforested. This campaign is part of Earth Day activities. The purpose of afforestation is to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, increase soil quality, reduce air pollution, etc. It also helps lower the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This in turn helps to deal with climate change. Many of the disasters happening in our world are the harmful effects of climate change. Let’s join the campaign for a better tomorrow and make the world the best place to live.


Your friend
Nihal F