Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Village Fair You Have Visited In English

‘Madhavam’, 8th stone
Opposite Harihar street


Hey Rohan,

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas. I had the opportunity to visit a fair in Ambattur village, which is 17 km from Chennai. This fair was conducted by the central government to promote forest and traditional products. All the products available at the fair were handmade by village craftsmen and craftswomen across our country. It was a big fair with a hundred varieties of products. All these products are made using natural, biodegradable raw materials that do not harm the environment. Products included traditional home furniture made of bamboo, hats and bags made of bamboo sticks, traditional jewellery, paintings, cutlery made of wood, etc. I bought some jewellery and a bamboo bag. It also had a food stall where you could only get traditional Indian food from all states. The fair will be open until the 31st of this month. If you could please try to visit the fair,


Your friend
Sakhi F