Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Trip In English

‘Rose Hills’, Gandhi Nagar


Dearest Karishma,

I hope you and your family are in good health. It is raining heavily here in Bangalore. I am back home after my two-day trip to Kochi. I was in Kochi for a meeting on behalf of the company for which I work. I was very happy when I learned that the company had selected me to attend the meeting. I landed in Kochi on the morning of the 15th of this month. The organisers had arranged everything for me and my counterparts. First, I went into my hotel room to freshen up and have breakfast. After that, I was taken into the convention centre, where the meeting will take place. The meeting began at 12 p.m. and ended by 6pm. We had a lunch break between. The next day, with some of the colleagues, we went for a little shopping in the streets of Kochi before leaving. I learned many new things on this trip.


Your friend
Sara F