Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Train Journey You Have Made Recently In English

Lincoln Plot
Andheri West
27th of September, 2022

Dearest Amina,

How are you? I received your letter yesterday. I am doing good here. I recently had a train journey. The speciality of this journey was that I travelled in a train alone for the first time. I travelled from Kochi to Trivandrum. It took  4 hours approximately. I had to attend a job meeting in Trivandrum. Travelling  alone in a train was a ‘to do thing’ on my bucket list. I am happy that it got fulfilled. I packed food to have it on my journey. I met a family with whom I shared my food and they shared theirs with me too. It was a lovely experience. In my experience, I could say that a train journey always make us learn new things and meet new people. You should also consider travelling in a train more often.

Take Care! 

Your friend