Write A Letter To Your Friend About Social Distancing In English

Jamia Nagar,

14 April 2020

Dear friend,

I hope this letter finds you and your family in the best of health. I am also doing well here. I am going to write to you about social distancing.

Recently after the increasing Covid cases, the rules of social distancing are getting stricter. I think these rules are best for the people. My little brother also got a severe fever and cold a few days back, and we were really worried for him. Now my entire family is staying at home. My father and brothers have shifted to work from home, but my school is still not closed. We are wearing masks and regularly using sanitizers, but going to school is still very dangerous for us. I hope it closes soon because a lot of students are getting ill. My brother, thankfully, has recovered from his illness. 

I hope you and your family are following social distancing and keeping well. Take care.

Your friend,
Ayan C