Write a Letter To Your Friend About A Rainy Day In English



Hey Ann,

Hope you and your family are happy and in good health. How is the climate there in your city?

Here, it is the time of the monsoon. Last Sunday it rained the most. We were all lazy that day as it was very cold and difficult to step out of the house due to the rain. It started raining by 6 am in the morning and continued for the next 3 hours. Low-lying areas got flooded. People living in those areas were shifted to relief centers. Fortunately, no loss of life was reported but there is a huge loss in the agriculture sector.  By noon, it stopped raining and started again in the evening. The city corporation declared a holiday for all educational institutions for the next two days. I was so relieved to hear that news. The intensity of the rain decreased in the following days and now it’s sunny here and all fine.

Bye and take care

Your friend